Why is a guy talking to a snake? Why are they discussing religion? Why is the comic called something as convoluted as Boy on a Stick and Slither? These are some of the questions you should not ask when reading web comics.




The Ku Klux Klan, for the uninitiated, were a secret cult who were obsessed with using terrorism and violence to downplay the rights of African-Americans in the US. They were a god-damn menace, no doubt about it, but I’m sure its not too early to joke about them and their methods. I mean no offence to anyone. From the comic Matter of Fact.


High School

Comics that have a recurring storyline tend to get exhausting, you need to follow them regularly to get the jokes. So I tend to avoid these. Penny and Aggie however, captured my fancy a while back and is now probably my favorite story-comic. Save up some time, start from the beginning, and enjoy this high-school battle of egos, its a must read! Here’s the first strip as a teaser…

Penny and Aggie